About Us

dump truck on street

Fidelity Contracting LLC was formed to honor, serve and provide its customers with the highest quality utility installations and site improvements in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We take pride in the relationships and trust that we have built with our employees and clients. We value performance that surpasses ordinary standards of quality.

Fidelity Contracting LLC provides public utility repairs and installations to, commercial, industrial, municipal, and privately owned companies. Fidelity maintains pipe crews who can complete any size project with confidence, efficiency and professionalism.

Fidelity Contracting LLC has the knowledge and expertise to provide our customers with projects that are completed in an outstanding manner correctly, safely and on-time. 
Our seasoned office staff, with over 100 years of combined experience, is dedicated to providing the necessary support for the field personnel from the planning stages, through the first dig, all the way to the final paving. 
Fidelity Contracting LLC is committed to provide our employees with a safe and stable work environment that promotes growth in knowledge and experience with fair compensation and benefits.

Vision Statement

Inspiring Others to Serve



We strive for honesty and consistency in sound moral principles and character.


We endeavor to be trustworthy and reliable.


We pledge loyalty to our obligations and aspire to create meaningful relationships.


We value performance that surpasses ordinary standards of quality.

Our Mission

To Honor

…God in our business practices by following Biblical principles in relating to our customers and employees.

To Serve

…our customers with integrity and dedication; establishing and sustaining long-term, meaningful, and valuable business relationships.

To Provide

…our employees with a safe and stable work environment that promotes growth in knowledge and experience with fair compensation and benefits.